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Apr 19th  Peter Matthew Keasberry
Apr 19th  Arnold Jean Bernard Snoekc
Apr 20th  Gerard Kevin Keasberry
Apr 21st  Claudy Ann Keasberry
Apr 22nd  Poh Neo Lim
Apr 22nd  Willy Sjams Anahar Saleh

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Oldest Keasberry passed away
On 23 February Annie Alma Keasberry passed away peacefully in Singapore. She was probably the oldest living member of the Keasberry family. She was born on 16 May 1917. She was the daughter of Alexander Archibald Keasberry and Trilby Tlama Vyner. She married William Cunico and later Malcolm Norfor. She has two sons and five daughters. Her wish to her grandson Kane was to remind people of the Keasberry history, to tell him that it is filled with important people in history, people who came to Asia and settled down.

Friday February 24th 2012, 11:48:10

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