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Loet Keasberry 1921-2021
Loet Keasberry 1921-2021It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Lodewijk Egbert (Loet) Keasberry. Loet passed away on 16 February 2021 at the age of 99.

Loet was born on 8 October 1921 in Buitenzorg (currently named Bogor) on Java. He spent his youth in the Netherlands Indies, where he also did his military service and worked for Esso. During the Second World War he was interned in concentration camps by the Japanese. After the war he went to The Netherlands where he met Iet Kockx. They married in 1948. For many years he worked at Shell’s headquarters in The Hague.

After his retirement in 1981 he got interested in his family tree and started his research on the Keasberry family history. In the pre-internet era every piece of information had to be collected by ordinary mail and telephone. He gathered an amazing amount of information, going back to 1723 when William Keasberry was born in Bath (UK). William became a famous actor and later director of the Theatre Royal in Bath, which still exists.

Loet published his findings in a book: 'The genealogy of the Keasberry family'. In 1988 it was published in Dutch and in 1998 also in English. It can be downloaded from: This website was launched in 2005. It is now being maintained by Loet’s son-in-law, who will continue to do so.

Loet’s initiative to explore his family history has stimulated many others. Even nowadays members of the Keasberry family around the globe still submit new information to the webmaster. They also share information through the Keasberry Family Group on Facebook.

Loet was the dear father of Helen Keasberry and Lex Keasberry (who passed away in 2014) and the dear step-father of Kees Helder. He will be missed by his grandchildren Priscilla, Richard, Menno, Hugo and Suzanne and by his eleven great-grandchildren.
Tuesday February 16th 2021, 22:43:22

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